Do it Yourself Tips for Repairing Pinball Bumper Playfield and Cabinet

Most of the repairs the bumbers, playfield, and cabinet of your pinball game will need are easy to do as long as you have been maintaining your machine well. Here are some do it yourself tips for repairing pinball bumpers, playfield, and cabinet.


Since many bumpers used in pinball machines are made from rubber, they need to be replaced regularly. Rubber cracks and dries out with age.Not only does this detract from the look of the game, it can also make playing the game more difficult. How difficult it is to replace these bumpers depends on the game and the bumpers used. However, it is typically fairly easy to do so. One important step is to make note of where all of the bumpers are before you remove them. This will help you remember how the playfield looked. You will typically want to use the same color of bumpers, but keep in mind that certain colors, such as black, have less bounce than others, such as white.


The playfield should be cleaned on a regular basis as this prevents many repairs from even needing to be done. Remember to remove any pinballs in the machine before you work on the playfield as they could become lodged somewhere and damage the game if they are left in during maintainence. Novus #2 is the cleaner that is usually recommended for pinball playfields, and the container should include instructions on how to use it. Plastic ramps will need a different type of cleaner, such as Novus #1. The playfield also needs to be waxed in order to prevent any future wear and tear. It also makes gameplay easier. Always make sure to use a softcloth on your playfield that will not leave any scratches.


The cabinet of the pinball machine is what contains all of the electrical wiring that runs the game. For this reason, there are a wide variety of repairs that could be needed within the cabinet and these repairs are typically a bit more difficult than those on the playfield. Make sure you open the cabinet correctly and tilt the game up (after removing any pinballs from the machine) in order to perform the repairs. It is very important to remember that pinball machines contain high voltages that are very dangerous and they should be completely turned off before being opened. You should always be very cautious when working with this electrical wiring, and make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

Performing any repairs to bumpers or the playfield is usually fairly simple. As long as they are maintained properly, you will not need to perform any major repairs very often. Performing any repairs in the cabinet of the machine can be a bit more difficult because of all of the electrical wiring, but it is possible to perform these repairs yourself. Just make sure you are well-informed about what you are doing and that you are being safe.